James Woodworth – thrive programme consultant

My name is James

I live in Cambridge and I am a fully qualified Thrive Programme Consultant, working in Cambridge.

I’ve been helping people to thrive for over 25-years as a teacher, trainer, coach and more recently, as a Thrive Programme Consultant, trainer and coach. I’m passionate about helping people to thrive in life. As I said in an interview recently:
“It’s an absolute privilege being a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant – facilitating significant change in people who are really struggling in life is hugely satisfying. What could be better than helping people to truly thrive in life? I love it!”

I became a full-time Thrive Consultant in 2013 having left the teaching profession – I made this decision after seeing the powerful effect the Thrive Programme was having on the lives of literally hundreds of people – people who, for one reason or another had found the more traditional approaches to facilitating change such as psychotherapy and counselling unsuccessful.
I see clients face-to-face at a busy clinic in Cambridge, UK and throughout the UK and overseas via Skype. I’ve worked with clients in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, North America, Hawaii, Spain, and France. I welcome enquiries from potential clients where ever they live in the world. Location really isn’t a problem thanks to Skype.

I’m a fully-qualified teacher, trainer, mentor and coach as well as being a licenced Thrive Programme consultant. I hold a first-class honours degree, a Certificate in Education, an MA, an MPhil and a Masters in Education from the University of Cambridge. I’m a voracious reader of books on psychology and when I’m not seeing clients or studying I can be seen running the streets of Cambridge – very, very slowly!
Contact me now to arrange a complementary initial consultation – I can discuss with you what The Thrive Programme involves and how it can help you. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Tel: 07904013748
Email: james@thriveprogramme.org

Please get in touch and we can discuss how The Thrive Programme can help you now so that ” you happen to life instead of life happening to you”.

As a Thrive Programme Consultant, I am bound by the ATPC Code of Conduct and Ethics

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